5 Tips when writing a positive customer review

28th July 2019

When you receive a great service from someone or buy a product from a business it’s a great idea to give some feedback which lets whoever you dealt with, or the company, know they are doing a fantastic job, but in doing so it will also make you feel good too. You may get the chance to provide feedback at the time, but if your British reserved nature took the better of you, or you didn’t find the opportunity at the time, posting a customer recommendation or a review on an online site such as Reviews Central is a brilliant way of letting the person, the business and others know how much you valued their service or product. Follow these 5 simple tips to help you write a great customer review.

Tip #1 – Be clear about the service or business you received. Although many businesses now have websites, there are still many that do not. Barbers, hairdressers, window cleaners, pet groomers and small online sellers on sites such as Ebay, Shpock or Facebook market place, typically rely on customer reviews to help them share information about their products and what they offer. So, if you love what they do or sell, take the time to tell others. Reviews Central allows you up to 1000 characters to get your message across, and simple user account registration via Twitter, Facebook or Google will make the process as easy as telling them at the time.

Tip #2 – Talk about what stood out for you. If you are moved to write a positive review it’s often because there was something about the product or the service that exceeded your expectations, something that proved to be outstanding. Think though what that was and then don’t hold back – say as much as you wish and give them all the positive feedback they deserve.

Tip #3 - To name, or not to name? You can still provide a positive review even if you had a bad or poor experience; sometimes, what you may have experienced was out of anyone’s control, but the way it was handled can make all the difference. So, if you noticed the name of the person who served you or helped you, include their details in the review. If you didn’t get their name, don’t try and describe the person as innocent descriptions could offend – e.g. calling someone short, bald, chunky, or pale, might seem ok to you, but could be offensive to the person you are referring to.

Tip #4 - Is it necessary, is it kind, is it true? … and never write a fake review, it doesn’t benefit anyone, and users can often tell they are fake which will mean it can do more harm than good to a business.

Tip #5 - Share your review with friends, family, co-workers…everyone. After posting your review on ReviewsCentral let your friends, family or even the world know about it by sharing your review using twitter, Facebook or via email or text; others can then follow your reviews and take advantage of your recommendations. If they like your review they can even like it by giving it the thumbs up. Check back often to see how many likes your reviews get and remember to like other peoples’ reviews too.

Make the most of consumer power by encouraging your customers to leave reviews for you; at Reviews Central you have FREE access to many tools to engage your customers, these include SMS, email and even WhatsApp…so, don't delay, get customers to leave reviews today.