There’s nothing better than a negative customer review!

29th July 2019

This would seem to be an oxymoron, but as Pushpa Alexander, CEO of HeadzUpBusiness, the West Midlands leading social media and face-to-face marketing business informs us, if you wish to improve what you offer to your existing and future customers, the negative reviews are worth more than 100 positive ones. Pushpa goes on to tells us why.

"Imagine asking 10 of your closest friends and family members what they think of a new outfit – 9 of them give you outstanding positive feedback, but one tells you that your ‘bum really does look big in that.’ Which feedback do you take more notice of? Most of you will take more notice of the negative feedback. Why is this? Well, research studies suggest that humans may be neurologically or physiologically predisposed towards focusing on negative information because the potential costs of negative information far outweigh the potential benefits of positive information. For business owners this means we are more concerned with what is not going well in our business, rather than what is going well."

Pushpa goes on to tell us that however thick skinned they are, her clients will often focus on the negative feedback, asking her questions such as “why do you think they said that?” or “what do you think that means?” – questions that without a crystal ball, or abilities to read people’s minds, she cannot answer. What she does advise them to do is to stop dwelling on the assumptions behind their words, but to face up to what they are saying, and make changes to prevent other customers from saying these things again, and to improve their overall offer.

“Negative reviews can be hurtful, and as a business owner you need to develop a thick skin to deal with these; but what you should never do is ignore a negative customer review. ReviewsCentral makes it easy for your customers to leave a review about your business and for you to nudge customers to leave a review, but it also makes it easy for you to respond to reviews. As a business owner you should take every opportunity to engage with your customers and make changes to your business or product to ensure that existing customers return to you, and that new customers are not prevented from reaching you.”